Corona and massage

On Friday, November 12th 2021, new corona restrictions take effect in Denmark.
Ezanza Massage is not subject to these restrictions as it is right now.

You can read where you must show Coronapass for admittance here (in Danish): https://www.dr.dk/nyheder/indland/overblik-her-skal-du-bruge-coronapas-fra-paa-fredag.

With the great focus on vaccinations in Denmark, we can proudly say that all our therapists have been vaccinated against Covid19.

Below you can read all the measures we always take so that we can all feel as safe as possible in the clinic before, during and after treatment.

Sincerely, Mette Stendell Jensen, Owner
November 10th 2021

Ezanza's mantras are, as always, that our clients should experience a massage under calm and safe conditions.

We take a number of measures in relation to the hygiene in the clinic - both so that our clients and therapists can feel as safe as possible before, during and after massage. You can read about hem below. You can also call us at 30508080 during our phone hours :)

This is how your visit with us takes place (updated regularly):
- We have room for all our clients and staff in the clinic. We have 1 lounge with space for 6 seated clients as well as and 2 smaller rooms with space for 2 and 3 seated clients in each room.
- Your therapist wears disposable sanitary napkins type 2 when needed and at your own discretion.
- We have set up hygiene screens on our reception desk and between our cafe tables in the lounge.
- The clinic is divided into clear hygiene zones, and we run regular routines several times a day with washing and spraying.
- In our lounge, tables and armrests are washed with soap and water after each client.
- Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the clinic, in the lounge (arrival area) and in all massage rooms.
- We have room for many more people than we receive at one time. With 5 massage rooms we have max. 10 clients in total in our premises at the same time.
- Reception and card terminal are frequently washed.
- The time between each client is spent spraying / washing handles, benches, headrests and other contact surfaces in your massage room so that the next client is disinfected.
- There is also extra time between each client so that all clients can keep proper distance from each other before and after massage.
- All used linen is changed as always after each client.
- In addition to linen, we use disposable paper for hygiene and hand wiping. 80% of our disposable paper, disposable cloths and disposable towels are green and come from recycling (documented by our supplier Abena).
- We ventilate between each treatment, and also have ceiling fans that can be turned on and off as needed.
- We only welcome healthy clients. You must not come to tretament with something that can generally infect us or other clients with a flu or the likes.
- Only healthy therapists are allowed to attend work.
- All handles and contact points throughout the clinic are continuously sprayed and washed.
- Cleaning cloths and other cloths for extra hygiene in the rooms are only used once before new washing.
- Head restraints are discarded (still) after each massage
- Linen is changed (as always) after each massage.
- Linen (sheets, covers, etc.) is delivered and picked up by external dry cleaners to ensure high hygiene.
- For face or "front up" treatments, your therapist wears a facemask at your own discretion, so you can safely book for facial massage, foot peeling and headache massage. For facial massages, we use soft disposable towels for warm wraps.
- All fruit and tea is served only by your hostess.
- All fruit is prepared (as always) with gloves and dried fruit is dosed with a spoon.

- All our employees are vaccinated.
- We all only use disposable paper to wipe hands with everything.
- All jugs, bowls and utensils are washed with soap and water after each use.
- All employees must have freshly washed clothes on every day.
- Employees are only allowed to wear type 2 bandages for medical use at work.
- Our goggles and visors are personal and used only by 1 person.
- In all massage rooms there is hand sanitizer for the client but also for the therapist.

The above are the steps my company is taking to reduce Covid19 and other spread of infection.

It is close to my heart to have a well-run and safe clinic where we all feel safe.

Best regards

Mette Stendell Jensen, Owner

October 27, 2021

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