We opened for massage on April 21st

We are taking the following steps so that both our clients and massage therapists can feel safe before, during and after massage.

As always, Ezanza's mantras are for our clients to experience a massage under calm and safe conditions.

Here's how your visit with us will be today:

- As far as possible, you should attend your massage alone or 1 person per massage
- You have to be well and without symptoms of Covid19.
- Liquid sanitizer, napkins and disposable gloves will be available at the entrance to the clinic, in the lounge (arrival area) and in all massage rooms.
- We have set off time between each client so that all clients can keep proper distance to each other before and after massage
- We have a total of 8 clients in our premises at the same time, so a proper distance can still be maintained.
- The time between each client are also spend on sanitizing/ washing off handles, bricks, head rest and other contact areas in your massage room so that the room is disinfected for the next client.
- All used linen is changed as always after each client.
- We open windows after each treatment.
- We only receive healthy clients.
- Only healthy therapist are allowed to attend work.
- If needed, both the therapist and the client can wear mouth-ties and disposable gloves.
- So far, we only perform abdominal treatments where the client lies with the head in the headrest. Do you book to e.g. facial massage, we will call you to correct the treatment.
- As soon as we have delivered vesirs, we will again perform facial, headache massages, etc.
- All handles in the clinic are regularly rejected.
- Linen (sheets, cloths, covers, etc.) are supplied and picked up by external dry cleaning to ensure high hygiene.
- Head support papers are discarded after each massage
- The massagebed and headrest, handles and other contact points in the massage room are sprayed after each massage.
- Several points may come up on an ongoing basis.

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