Pregnancy Massage

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One of our popular specialities has alwyas been Pregnancy Massage, so you can feel comfortable expecting a professional treatment in a pleasant environment. With us, as Pregnancy Massage Therapists, you get rid of tension in your back, shoulder and neck while lying on your stomach on one of our 8 special pregnant beds. All pregnancy beds have space for pregnant stomachs and breasts.

The bed also has support for your stomach and bowel, so you can relax and enjoy the treatment no matter how far you are in your pregnancy. You can get pregnancy massage from 12 weeks and until you give birth.

Our Couples Pregnant Massages are usually booked by the expectant father and mother, so please let us know in advance if you have booked for 2 pregnant women. We want to be sure that you both get pregnant beds for your treatments.

All treatments are individually agreed between you and your Ezanza Therapist and depends on your needs - the following are the most typical focus areas for massage within a given time.

When booking a couples massage or massage for two people, you will receive your treatments in the same room at the same time and with each of your own Ezanza Massage Therapist (unless you request otherwise).

Please note that all of our oils are organic.

Pregnant Shoulders 30 min. (1 pers.) - DKK 380, -
Couple's Pregnant Shoulders 30 min. (2 pers.) - DKK 760, -

A short and focused massage of your pregnant shoulders and neck - possibly lower back. Good for acute relief of muscle pain in shoulders and neck.

Note that the time is incl. in total approx. 8-10 min. for dressing and journal keeping.

Basic Pregnancy Massage 60 min. (1 pers.) - DKK 635, -
Couple's Basic Pregnancy Massage 60 min. (2 pers.) - DKK 1270, -

For example, select. between massage of:
  • your back, lower back and legs (sciatica), shoulders, neck
  • your whole back of the body with / without arms

Classic Pregnancy Massage 75 min. (1 pers.) - DKK 775, -
Couple's Classic Pregnancy Massage 75 min. (2 pers.) - DKK 1550, -

60 min. deep tissue massage of the back of the body - legs and sciatica, back, loin, neck and shoulders plus 15 min. Foot massage.

The Classic Pregnancy Massage is treatment of the most common genes / pain during pregnancy - from fluid in legs and feet to sore shoulders and neck. It consists of deep tissue massage of your back of the body followed by a thorough foot massage.

Luxury Pregnancy Massage 90 min. (1 pers.) - DKK 925, -
Couple's Pregnancy Massage 90 min. (2 pers.) - DKK 1850, -

You start with a beautiful hot foot bath with rose petals, an organic relaxing mix of  essential oil from Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Mandarin.

After your footbath you are ready for with 75 min. thorough massage of the back of your body - focusing on your sour areas on your legs, balls (sciatica), back, loin, neck and shoulders. The treatment is finished with about 15 minutes of foot massage.

We use organic and neutral baby oil for your bodymassage, and a fat body cream for sen

All treatments include changing and record keeping.

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