Postpartum massage and maternity massage for new mothers in Copenhagen

Are you a new mother and would like to give yourself a better maternity leave?

Do you suffer from tense and sore muscles? Do you have pain in the back, neck, shoulders and lower back from carrying your child? Do you have fluid in your legs after your birth? Do you have tension headaches?

Then our maternity massage for new mothers may be a good idea. Just as massage can be really beneficial for the body during a pregnancy and as a birth preparation, a good massage can also help the body calm down again after the birth. At Ezanza, you can get a professional postpartum massage, where you can relieve muscle pain and discomfort in your legs, arms, shoulders, back and lower back.

If dad also needs a much needed massage, remember to bring a 3rd adult to go with the baby while you get the massage 🙂

New Mother Massage 60 min. (1 pers.) – DKK 685, –
New Mother & Father Massage 60 min. (2 pers.) – DKK 1370, –

The treatment consists of approx. 50 min. in-depth massage of arms, shoulders, neck, back and lower back. When booking 75 min. you get 15 min. extra deep tissue massage of the back of the legs.

What is maternity massage?

Maternity massage is for all women after childbirth.

It is an in-depth massage, where special emphasis is placed on treating the new mother’s loin and back as well as arms, neck and shoulders. It is especially in the muscle groups that there are tensions and pains from both pregnancy and childbirth, and with postpartum massage, tensions are effectively released.

Note that if you have given birth by caesarean section, you must follow your doctor’s recommendations and wait a minimum of 5 weeks to lie down on your stomach on a couch. If in doubt, consult your doctor first.

Relax your muscles with massage

The time after the birth is a glorious time with a lot of presence and love, but can unfortunately also consist of old tensions from the pregnancy period. At the same time, after birth, your body has to get used to a new rhythm with less sleep and to take care of another human being in a whole new way. Postpartum massage can effectively work to relieve tension in the shoulders and neck, pain in the back, lower back and sciatica as well as insomnia, restlessness and fatigue. Therefore, postpartum massage is for many a good investment in the time after the birth, where a new everyday life must occur – both physically and mentally.

Bring a babysitter to your baby while you get the massage

It is a good idea to bring a babysitter who can roll around with the baby during your massage. We have space for a pram in the upstairs, and we also have space for a baby lift in the clinic’s lounge area, but we recommend that you are alone with your masseur during your treatment. Newlywed Mom is your alone time and the intention is to give you more profits for your child afterwards. This is best done by just thinking about relaxing and feeling yourself.

Get a postpartum massage in Copenhagen

If you are looking for postpartum massage in Copenhagen, you will find an experienced team of professional masseurs at Ezanza who can help you get rid of tension and pain from childbirth. Our massage clinic is located in inner Copenhagen, and here we offer postpartum massage and many other types of massage.

You can book an appointment with us online or call +45 30 50 80 80 if you would like to know more about our range of massages.

Newly baked Mother is also a popular maternity gift – and it is wrapped neatly in a gift bag with tissue paper. Many people choose to join forces for the maternity gift, but we also have several who give a maternity gift and come along, or invite a good friend along. In short, Nybagt Mor is always a nice gift for the mother who has everything and wants more profit for the baby.

Please note that all our treatments include dressing, medical records, tea, water and fruit. Everything is organic.

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