Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage since 2006

With Ezanza Massage in the workplace or in our clinic, you get a professional health partner with many years of experience.

Ezanza started up in 2006, and since then we have grown quietly and today we have a busy clinic in Copenhagen K and several company schemes in the City of Copenhagen.

My approach to my business has always been uncompromising, and with our massager we seek to give our clients a solid massage in calm and safe conditions.

Massage is of course our core product, but in these times, hygiene fills more than ever. We care deeply about the safety of you and our clients.

It is our responsibility to keep everyone as safe as possible. We seek to create our own safe environment around our massage benches with disposable linen and cloths from a professional laundry, just as the masseur sprays and washes the bench, headrest, handles, etc.

It is easy for you to bring only a small towel but it is also safer for all of us.

Below you can read more about us, but do not hesitate to call me on 30291050 or write to mette@ezanza.dk.

Yours sincerely

Mette Stendell Jensen, Owner and Director

Massage with us when it suits you

If you need a massage outside working hours, or just when it fits into your day, you can come for treatments in our clinic Nørregade.

Here you decide for yourself, which massage, which treatment, when and how often you will come during our opening hours.

Our massage therapists are ready to give you a better and more effective massage at friendly times of the day.

Monthly invoicing

If you know that you will come for massage every month, then it can be an option to have an invoice for all the treatments sent on a monthly basis.

The discount rate depends on how many and how often you want to get a massage overall, but it is in the range of 10-15% at already friendly prices.

Contact owner Mette Stendell Jensen at mette@ezanza.dk for a written appointment and / or call me at 30291050 if you have questions and would like to get to know us.

Discount schemes

We have larger companies that have employees who have to pay for massage themselves, and here too Ezanza can be involved. Call or / and write to Mette Stendell Jensen on 30291050 and mette@ezanza.dk to hear about the possibilities.

Discount card

If you are unsure of how often you will come, buy a discount card of 3, 6 or 12 clips, which you share between you as you like.

discount cards are valid for 3 years, and you can easily get each of your discount cards, so you are completely independent of each other.

Remember that when you buy a discount card, you automatically get the same discount on all our other treatments that you get on your card. This is valid as long as your card is active and / or valid.

3-trip discount card gives 5% on all treatments

6-trip discount card gives 10% on all treatments

12-trip discount card gives 15% on all treatments

You can get 1 common card, or your own individual based on the total price.

The price

You get a 15% discount on your treatments when you have a fixed massage scheme. The discount applies whether the company pays (such as with a gross salary scheme) or your employees pay every time

Please contact Mette directly on mobile 30291050 for more info or write to mette@ezanza.dk for a written offer.

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