Hot stone massage

Hotstone massage is a gentle and very deep relaxation. You automatically give in to the warm energy from the beautiful lava stones that are placed on your body and used to massage you with. It is self-indulgence and stress-relief that must be tried.

The gentle movements from the warm stones spreads throughout the body. It slowly spreads from head to toe, relaxing the body and releasing tension in the muscles. Hot stone massage is a truly unique experience that everyone should enjoy themselves, and while it may sound a bit alternative to massage with hot lava stone, hot stone massage is a recognized and very effective form of massage that we are very proud of being able to offer you in our clinic. Everyone can benefit from hot stone massage, and we hope you have the courage to try it and to experience the beneficial effects on your own body.

Hotstones 60 min. (1 person) – DKK 685, –
Couple’s Hotstones 60 min. (2 pers.) – DKK 1370, –

You start lying on your stomach, where your therapist places warm lava stone along your spine. While the stones warm and soften your back muscles, you get in-depth massage of legs combining with hot lava stones and your therapist’s hands.

The stones will be removed when it is time for your deep tissue massage of your back and shoulder muscles.

A delicious wellness massage where you fall into yourself and come back with renewed energy.

Hotstones 90 min. (1 person) – DKK 990, –
Couple’s Hotstones 90 min. (2 pers.) – DKK 1980, –

In this hot massage you start with our basic hotstone massage of the back of the body but this massage continues with the treatment of your legs and arms on the front of the body. You finish on your back with gentle facial massage with small hot stones.

A delicious end to a real wellness massage with the lava stone that feels soft and comfy.

A meditative relaxation where you feel your inner self, becomes centered and restores new energy.

Hotstones with facemassage 120 min. (1 pers.) DKK 1310, –
Couple’s Hotstones with facemassage 120 min. (2 pers.) DKK 2620, – 

This massage is for you who love relaxing wellness! Look forward to a meditative and warm massage experience, designed to get you down and enjoying the here and now.

You start with 90 min. all around hot stones massage of the back and front of your body. Large beautiful natural stones of lava are placed on your body so that you just want to lie still. Others of the hot stones are used to massage you with long strokes, in combination with calm wellness massage with hands.

The treatment ends with a nice long facial massage lasting approx. 30 minutes. We only use Weleda’s organic facial creams for hypersensitive skin.

When you are ready, you come out and sit in an armchair, where you enjoy a small organic refreshment of water, homemade ginger tea and fruit.

Allow plenty of time for this massage. Drink plenty of water up to 2 hours before, and make no plans for the first hour or 2 afterwards.

Good to know

– Our stone heaters are thermostatically regulated, but you should always tell us if you feel that the stones are too hot or too cold.
– You should never take painkillers (panodil or similar) that can reduce your sense of touch. It is important that you can feel if the pressure is too hard / not too soft – and in this massage you should be able to feel both the heat and the hands as they are.
– Drink plenty of fluids up to 2 hours before a massage like this so you do not go into dehydration.
– Arrive 10 min. before your massage we always serve a cup of water and tea, just as you get some refreshments after your massage.
– The offer cannot be combined with other offers.
– All treatments include a total of approx. 10 min. for dressing and record keeping.

All treatments are inclusive of change of clothes and record keeping.

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