Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a gentle and very deep relaxation. It is very difficult not to love the heat of the beautiful and round lava rocks placed on your body and used to massage you. It is self-indulgence and relaxation that must absolutely be tried.

The stones are used on your body with gentle movements on the whole of your backside of your body. It slowly gets the heat to spread from head to toe, thereby relaxing the body and loosening the muscles.

Hot stone massage is a truly unique experience that everyone should treat themselves, and although it may sound a little alternative to massage with warm lava stone, then hot stone massage is both a recognized and very effective form of massage, which we are very proud of beeing able to offer you in our clinic. Everyone can enjoy hot stone massage, and we hope you have the courage to try it and to experience the beneficial effects on your own body.

Also try our physical massage or one of our other forms of wellness massage.

Wellness Hotstones 60 min. (1 pers.) - DKK 625, -
Couple's Wellness Hotstones 60 min. (2 pers.) - DKK 1250, -

You start on the stomach on the massagebed, and your therapist puts warm lava stones along your spine. While the hot stones warm and soften the back muscles, you get an in-depth massage of your legs alternating with lava stone and therapeutic hands.

When the hot stones are removed from the back, it is time that your lumbar, back and neck get the same massage with organic massage oil, provideing good nutrition for dry skin.

Relax & Melt 90 min. (1 pers.) - DKK 975, -
Couple's Relax & Melt 90 min. (2 pers.) - DKK 1950, -

You start with a good Wellness Hotstone massage from the back of the body, where your masseur alternately massages you with stones and hands. The heat of the stone and your massage oil make your muscles soft and relaxed. The scent of your massage oil with gold flower extras and birch leaves fills the space, gives renewed energy to tired muscles, smoothes the skin and enhances its elasticity and firmness.

After your hotstone massage it is time for approx. 30 min. facial and scalp massage.
Your treatment starts with cleansing your face and neck, and then it is time for a good facial massage with lovely organic almond oil especially for the face. The treatment ends with approx. 5 min. Gentle scalp massage, after which your face and neck are smeared in Weleda's hypoallergenic cream, which soothes sensitive and dry skin.

A delicious ending to a real wellness massage.

Only Weleda's organic and clean products are used throughout the treatment.


All treatments are inclusive of change of clothes.


Hot stone massage in Copenhagen

Do you have the courage for a different massage experience with hot stone stones? Then you should look pass by Ezanza for a relaxing hot stone massage that loosens all the tensions in your body. With this massage form you are sure to get warm, and hot stone massage is a wonderful break from everyday life and the hectic city life outside.

Order your hot stone massage as a separate treatment or book another massage form as a supplement at the same time. If you are in doubt or cannot book what you want, please call us. We would love to help you find the right combination of treatments for you.

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