Headache massage

45 min ……. DKK 590, –

This treatment is for you suffering from tension headaches or headaches due to stress or postures that cause tension in the neck, neck and head.

The massage lasts for 45 min. focusing on relaxing your muscles from neck to where your neck muscles attach to the front of the body. Work is done both by strokes and pressures in selected places that can cause pain.

he treatment also focuses on giving you peace of mind and ends with 10 minutes for relaxation and dressing.

We use an organic relaxing organic lemongrass oil in your massage oil.

It can be very rewarding to have a back massage or a relaxing full-body massage in connection with your headache massage.

30 minute upgrade back massage total DKK 830, –

Some clients experience improvement after 1 treatment, while others require regular massages. You may want to consider investing in a card with up to 15% discount.

All of our discount cards are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. You can always upgrade to a longer treatment and settle the price difference in cash. A clip can not be split, but you can use 2 clips for a massage of e.g. 90 min.

Good to know about your massage

Everyone responds differently to massage, and your reaction also depends on how long, why and how much your headache affects you.
You may well expect an improvement soon after your treatment, and then an aggravation of your pain the day after. In fact, it is not until the second day after the massage that the actual effect can be felt.
It is incredibly important that you drink a lot of water these days. It may also be good to use a cold wrap for 10-15 minutes. on your neck before bed on the same day as your massage. You take a bag of frozen peas or corn and wrap the bag in a towel, and the cold causes the outer nerve endings to be anesthetized naturally. It can alleviate the day after.

Remember to drink fluids both before and after your massage. We advise that you do not take painkillers up to the massage as it can weaken your feeling with pressure and pain. You should take headache pills at least 4 hours before your headache massage, so you can see if the pressure is appropriate during treatment. If you have taken pills that still work during the massage, you may be over-treated and thus worsen your situation.

Would you like to relieve your tension headache yourself?
Then click here and watch Headache Association’s 6 small videos with exercises for tension headaches.

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