Summer Offer

Summer Wellness 120 min. (1 pers.) – DKK 1185,-
Couple Summer Wellness 120 min. (2 pers.) – DKK 2370,-

Finally, we start the summer months – and that of course means that we have made a Summer Massage for you!

Prepare for 2 hours of all-around wellness, where we get you ready for a fantastic summer with both dry brushing of the body, massage in sun oil with SPF 20, facial massage and last but not least foot massage.

You start by completely relaxing your feet in a nice bubble bath with fresh rose petals, relaxing oils and cleansing Himalayan salt. In addition, you will be served a small organic refreshment.

Then you are led into your massage room, where your masseur continues the treatment by gently brushing the skin on the back of your legs and on your back, free of dead skin cells. Your legs are now ready to be lubricated in a delicious sun oil of organic thistle oil, almond oil with sun factor 20.

When your back and shoulders are also dry brushed, the treatment continues with an in-depth massage of your back and neck muscles.

Now you will be asked to turn on your back. Here you again get gently brushed and lubricated on your skin on the legs and arms with a delicious sun oil.

Now your therapist will start giving you a good long facial massage, which ends with a little scalp massage.

You rise from the massage bed like a new human being – ready to enjoy the summer and ready to receive the warming rays of the Sun ☀️

Our Summer Massage can be booked up to and including August 31st.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic 😊

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