Spring massage 120 min.

Can be booked until the 31 of may 2022

Experience our Spring Massage

Spring massage 120 min (1 pers.) ……. DKK 1185,-
Couple spring massage 120 min (2 pers.) ……. DKK 2370,-

Our specially developed Spring Massage focuses on improving your energy level and focus! During the massage, we work to relax your neck, throat and face. Welcome to 120 minutes of pure well-being with you in focus!

The massage begins with an in-depth massage of your calf, behind the thighs and the muscles around the sciatic nerve, which is connected to the lower back. Then we move up to the neck region, where you will be worked through well. We get around with the muscles around the shoulders, neck, throat and upper chest muscles. The muscles in this area are directly connected to the skull, and massage in this area can relieve tension headaches, neck and shoulder tensions.

The last phase of the massage takes place on the back, where the focus is on sore points around the neck, scalp and face. Areas that also have a major impact on our overall well-being and tension-related pain.

The massage is rounded off with a 30-minute relaxing and luxurious facial massage. Here we use Weleda’s luxurious products to cleanse and massage your face. The products are neutral in scent and aroma and can be used even for hyperallergic skin. They can of course be bought at the reception if you are just as enchanted by the products as we are.

During the Spring Massage, we use organic cold-pressed thistle oil, which is mixed with organic lemongrass oil as a massage oil. In addition to the fact that lemongrass oil smells wonderful and refreshing, it has anti-inflammatory properties that support reducing pain in the head, muscles and joints.

Of course we offer tea, fruit and water after the massage and always recommend that you just give yourself 10 minutes in our armchairs before returning to reality.

You save DKK 100 per person, and the massage can be booked from 14 March until 31 May 2022.

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We look forward to pampering you with our new Spring Massage!

Sincerely, Mette, Proprietor



Good to know in connection with your massage:

Everyone responds differently to massage, and your reaction also depends on how long, why and how much your headache affects you.

You can expect an improvement shortly after your treatment, and then a worsening of your pain the next day. In fact, it is only on the 2nd day after the massage that the actual effect can be felt.

It is incredibly important that you drink plenty of water these days. It can also be good to use cold wraps for 10-15 min. on your neck before bedtime the same day as your massage. You take a bag of frozen peas or corn and wrap the bag in a tea towel, and the cold makes the outer nerves naturally numb. It can soothe the day after.

Remember to drink fluids both up to and after your massage. We do not recommend that you take painkillers for the massage, as it can weaken your feeling with pressure and pain. You must take headache pills at the latest 4 hours before your headache massage, so that you can check if the pressure is appropriate during the treatment. If you have taken pills that still work during the massage, you may be overtreated and thus have your situation worsened.

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