Wellness to pregnant women and couples

Throughout this December, January and February, as a future parent you can get up to DKK 140 off our new pregnancy massage.

Sweet Mother-to-be 120 min. (1 pers.)....... Offer DKK 1150 (normal DKK 1220,-)
Sweet Father & Mother-to-be....... Offer 2300,- (2 pers.)

This massage is for a mother-to-be who really deserve a treatment beyond the usual.

It consists of approx. 10 min. foam foot bath, approx. 90 min. body massage including 10 min. hand massage. The massage ends with approx. 20 min. foot massage.

In this massage we only use products that you will be able to use for toddlers.

At Ezanza, we already use only organic products in all of our treatments. When it comes to pregnancy massage, we atke it a step further and use only products that are fragrance-free and for sensitive skin. You can see the specific products further down this page.

You start with your foot bath for which you are served organic nuts, tea and water.

In your warm foam foot bath, we use a mild shower cream and shampoo

especially developed for toddlers. It contains i.a. emollient sesame oil which maintains the skin's moisture balance.

In your massage room you get a full body massage including hand massage. If you want a specific focus - in addition to neck, shoulders and back - remember to say so that your therapist can better meet your needs.

Your body massage is performed with an organic cold-pressed sweet almond oil bursting with Omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids.

It is a fine and slightly sweet almond oil, which is very skin-friendly and ideal for sensitive, rough and dry skin. It is also very suitable for the care of infants and young children, just as many pregnant women use it for the pregnant belly to counteract stretch marks.

The whole pampering ends with approx. 20 min. foot massage with a Weleda's fragance-free and vegan body lotion developed for sensitive skin.

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