Pregnancy Wellness

We offer luxurious and relaxing wellness treatments including exclusive oils and creams, body massages with extra facial massage or foot massage, and hot stone massage with hot lava stones.
All oils used for massages are organic.

Pregnancy Rosenmassage 120 min. (1 pers.) – DKK 1305, –
Couples Pregnancy Rosenmassage 120 min. (2 pers.) – DKK 2610, –

This treatment consists of approx. 20 min. foot bath and foot peeling, approx. 20 min. foot massage and approx. 80 min. wellness massage. 

You start with a warm foot bath including organic chamomile oil and coarse grain Himalaya crystal salt, served with fresh fruit, tea and water.

After your foot bath you’ll get a a cleansing foot scrub consisting of fine himalaya crystal salt, almond and camomile oil. 

In the massage room you get approx. 20 min. foot massage with a Weleda’s fat body lotion, which includes Contains shea butter and rose oil, so your feet become both soft and fragrant. The embracing scent of roses comes from Damascus Roses in Turkey.

Now you’ll get approx. 80 min. Full body Swedish massage of your legs, back, arms and finally relaxing facial and scalp massage.

The bodymassage is performed with organic tidal oil, supporting your skin’s natural regeneration making it pleasantly soft. Your skin is smoothed and moisturized when used regularly.
Products are for sale in our reception.

Footbath & Footmassage 30 min. (1 pers.) – DKK 380, –
Couple’s Footbath & Footmassage 30 min. (2 pers.) – DKK 760,-

You start with a hot foot bath mixed with organic chamomile oil and rose petals. After the foot massage, your feet will be treated with organic honey scrub made of organic peel salt, honey, vanilla oil and organic olive oil.

In the massage room you get approx. 15 min. of foot massage with a fat cream including shea butter and rose oil.
The result is become light, soft and fragrant feet to enjoy.

Facemassage 30 min. (1 pers.) – DKK 380, –
Couple’s Facemassage 30 min. (2 pers.) – DKK 760, –

This is a typocal supplementary treatment consisting of approx. 25 min. of facial and scalp massage.

Your treatment starts by cleansing your face and neck with Weleda’s cleansing milk for delicate skin.

Your face is now massaged in Weleda’s special face oil for delicate skin. The combination of the content of antioxidants and essential fatty acids from the organic almond oil, the flower oil and the ecological moths make your skin smooth and leaves it protected and toned with new glow.

The treatment ends with approximately 5 min. gentle scalp massage, after which your face and throat are saturated in Weleda’s hypoallergenic cream, which is soothing care for sensitive and dry skin. A lovely end to your massage.
You can choose your Organic Facial Massage as an independant facial or as a supplement to your massage.

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