Facial treatments

Our skin is a mirror of the soul. Our physical and spiritual state influence our appearances in certain ways. Intense stimuli like stress, sun, wind, nervousness, etc. can make the skin sensitive and destroy the body's natural balance. The core of Ezanza's facial skincare is to strengthen the skin's own defense leaving you with a glowing and refreshed look.

Wellness Facial Massage 60 min. (1 pers.) - DKK 580, -
Couples Wellness Facial Massage 60 min. (2 pers.) - DKK 1160, -

Our Wellness Facial treatment focuses on facial massage and plenty of moisture for your skin.

We use only exclusive products from Weleda and an algea mask, which can be used for all skin types - also for the delicate and dry skin.

Your Ezanza Therapist cleans your face and neck with Weleda's products . Now you are ready for approx. 20 min. Facial massage with organic thistle oil.

After the face massage, your Ezanza Therapist will gently apply our soothing and moisturizing algae mask. As the mask dries, you will recive neck and scalp massage.

The treatment is finished with Weleda's eye and day creams, that smooth and protect dry skin. This is a relaxing wellness treatment, that will give your face its glow back.


  • If you arrive with eye makeup on, please arrive in good time, and ask for makeup removal at the reception, free of charge.
  • If you want a more in-depth treatment, you should opt for our Facial Deep Cleanse 45 min.
  • All treatments include changing and record keeping.

Organic Facial Massage - 30 min. (1 pers.) - DKK 360, -
Couples Organic Facial Massage 30 min. (2 pers.) - DKK 720, -

This treatment consists of approx. 30 min. facial and scalp massage.

Your Ezanza Therapist starts by cleansing your face and neck with Weleda's cleansing milk for delicate skin.

Your face is now massaged with organic thistle oil. The combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids from the organic thistle oil, will make your skin smooth and leave it protected and toned with a new glow.

The treatment ends with approximately 5 min. gentle scalp massage, after which your face and neck will be saturated in Weleda's hypoallergenic cream, a soothing care for sensitive and dry skin, a lovely end to your massage.

You can choose your Organic Facial Massage as an independent treatment, or as a supplement to your massage.

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