Couples massage

In the following you can read about our couples massages. We execute all of our massages and wellness treatments for couples, pregnant couples and friends. You can read more specifically about each treatments content and their prices further down.

Couples massages in double rooms

Many of our clients book couples massages to spend some quality time together. Being close to one each other is central. Therefore all of our couples massages are done in double rooms. This way, you can talk and share the experience with each other.

To insure that you both get the maximum output, you will each get your own professional masseur. They will take care of you from start to finish. All of our masseurs have solid skills, therefore they know exactly what to do, to ensure that you get some nice and relaxing hours together.

Treat your bodies

There are many reasons to book a couples massage. Apart from making the two of you an experience richer, the massage has many positive influences on your bodies.
The rush of your everyday lives takes its toll on your bodies, which will show itself it the form of sore and tender muscles. One of our vocal points in the couples massages are exactly these muscles. This ensures that you get loosened up and your body will function better this way.
In addition to working with your muscles, couples massage is about stimulating the circulation. A good circulation has major impact on your energy level, and by stimulating this we will ensure new energy.

At Ezanza we offer many different types of wellness couples massages. We are always open to meet your specific needs and demands. If you want different sort of massages, we will be able to find a combination suitable, which meets all of your wishes.

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