Aroma therapeutic massage

If you want extra stimulus for your physiatric massage or pregnancy massage, you can upgrade your treatment with warm massageoil including genuine fragrances of essential oils.

Treatments can be upgraded with aroma at additional DKK 30,-.

All oils can be used by pregnant women after 12 weeks.
Please note that all of our oils are organic.

Orange – Citrus Sinensis Orange Tree

Pleasure, adaptability, optimism

Warm, fresh, citrus and sweet aroma. Orange eases excitement and frustration, helps you relax, encoure you to relocate and support youself in addressing the situation.

Especially suitable for pregnant women.

Bergamot oil – Citrus Bergamia

Redeeming, relaxing, uplifting

Fruity, fresh lemon flavor, green and floral. Bergamot is good for digestive, anticonvulsant, antiseptic, insomnia, nervousness and restlessness. May be useful if you feel tired and exhausted after constant stress or by recreation. The aroma is also used in Althea hard candys.

Especially suitable for pregnant women.

Mandarin oil – Cedrus Reticulata

Uplifting, renewing, soothing

Fruity and floral citrus aroma. Mandarin is good for nervous tensions and insomnia during pregnancy and uneasy children. It is good against depression and anxiety. It is also said that it can remedy fluid accumulation and cellulite.

Especially suitable for pregnant women.

Lavender – Lavandula Angustifolia Lavender

Peace, peace of mind, self-expression

The classic relaxing scent of lavender flower that calms, soothes and balances you emotionally. Good for high blood pressure, tightness, depression, insomnia, stress and mood swings. May relieve headache and migraine.

Especially suitable for pregnant women.

Sandalwood Vestindian – Amyris Balsamifera

Silence, unity, being

Woody, balsamic, sweet and light musk-like aroma. Sandalwood dampens fear and concern and helps us to accept the reality as it is. It can be effective in warm, troubled emotional conditions that cause headaches, insomnia and nervous exhaustion. Sandalwood is a threatened species, so we offer the alternative Amyris from Tahiti, called West Indian Sandalwood and possess the same characteristics.

Especially suitable for pregnant women.

All treatments include changing and record keeping.

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